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What Is An Electric Unicycle

Electric Unicycle – The Transportation Of The Future

So you are wondering what an EUC is, otherwise known as an electric unicycle, motorized unicycle, self-balancing powered wheel or ewheel. Electric unicycles have been out in the market for around four years but don’t have much notoriety at this point.

So what is an ewheel? A motorized unicycle is a single wheel that is powered by a motor in the hub of the wheel. There is a case built around this wheel that has two foot pads for the user to stand on. The throttle is your body. You lean forward to go forward and lean backward to slow down or even ride backward.

So now that you have a good idea of what an EUC is, we need to dive into the capabilities and uses of electric unicycles.


There are so many different times where having a lightweight and fast way to get around will change the way you plan your day.

Let’s say you need to go to work but you have a commute on the Metro or a bus. With an electric unicycle, you’re not limited to where you can park or if you have a car and how to get to certain places. I’ve seen electric unicycles go all the way up to 40+ miles an hour with a 150-mile range.

This completely changes the game and the utility of a small transportation device. With this amount of speed and range on a single charge, you can look at different ways to commute, to run errands and to just live your daily life. Also if you’re in a big city, you don’t even need a vehicle anymore.

Once you’re at your location you can walk your EUC and park it wherever you need to. Because of its size, it’s very easy to store and to tuck into a corner so you don’t have to worry like you would with something like a Segway or other larger transportation devices.


Now you may be thinking how can you get exercise with a motorized self-balancing wheel. When I first started I thought the exact same thing until I actually started writing.

When I was learning how to ride an electric unicycle, I was actually sweating and felt a workout through my entire body. I’ve seen time and time again where people get in amazing shape riding motorized wheels. You have to use your entire body to really ride properly so you get a good ab workout, leg workout and upper body workout when you’re really moving through crowds or you are riding around on a trail.

You can even lose a lot of weight as well. No, of course, we don’t have anything certified about weight loss or anything like that but we have case study after case study of people actually losing 10 to 20 pounds when they’re riding on a daily basis. So you can use it for transportation and exercise at the same time and have a lot of fun while you’re at it.

No limits

Really when you start riding, you’ll see the full potential of electric unicycles.

We’re just barely starting to see the potential and use them for every kind of aspect that we see available to us right now. We’ve done trail rides. We’ve done long city commutes. We use them for exercise and for fun and we even go down to the beach.

If you watch some of our videos, you’ll see that we are just barely breaking the surface of how you can ride them. We even see the potential of going extreme with them, kind of like the X Games with mountain bikes and dirt bikes.

It’s a ton of fun going down a dirt trail hopping over roots and rocks. These wheels really can do it all.

So the question when you get into electric unicycles is how do you want to use yours. This will make a huge difference in the wheel you actually purchase.

We have a couple great posts on different wheels that we recommend depending on your riding style. You can check out some of our articles here:

Hopefully this gave you a good overview on Electric Unicycles and we hope to see you out there riding soon!

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