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Top 5 Tips When Starting To Ride An Electric Unicycle

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Top 5 EUC Tips For Beginners

Getting started on a motorized wheel can be tough. There is a steep learning curve and there is potential to get hurt.

The first couple days are really important to get started on the right foot so we wanted to give our tips on the easiest and best way to get started on an electric unicycle.

Our Tips

1: Make Sure You Wear Gloves And Other Protective Gear

This sounds obvious but having protective gear will not only help you in a crash but also gives you more confidence to get started. The most common injuries or scraped knees, bruised legs and scraped hands. You can pick up a set of gear for around $40 and it might be the best money you spend beyond your wheel!

2: Never Step In Front Of The Wheel Or Foot Pads

When you step off the electric unicycle, the motor and still keep going. If you step in front of the wheel and foot pads, it will run right into your leg and ankle. I did this once when I was learning and my ankle was bleeding and bruised for days. What we recommend is that you always practice moving your feet off to the site or backward.

3: Practice Riding Drills First

Before you ever get out on the streets or trails, you want to have the fundamentals down. If you can’t do tight turns, figure 8s, start and stops on hills, or quick stops, you are asking for trouble.
Yes, it may be a little boring but this will make you a 10x better rider and more importantly, safer rider.

4: Be Ready For The Unexpected

I relate this to riding motorcycles, but if you don’t know what I mean, always be aware of your surroundings. When you are riding an electric unicycle, it doesn’t take much to pull your concentration away from riding. A dog might run out in front of you or you might hit an unexpected bump. If you are always alert and in an “active” stance, it will allow you to react much quicker to the unexpected.

5: You Will Be Sore And Bruised

Riding an EUC or Motorized Unicycle is stressful on the body (in a good way :-). When I was learning and even to this day, after rides, I feel pretty sore the next day. Make sure you stretch after every ride and you will even find ways to stretch your feet and legs when you are riding. The good thing about this is you will realize that you are actually getting a workout when you are riding. Who knew that riding a “motorized” wheel can help you get a workout.

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